TIps on Finding the Right Babysitter

When it is time to find a baybsitter, it can be difficult to narrow the field and find the right fit. After parents set a list of priorities and hold interviews, a simple checklist can help to shorten the candidate list. From additional duties to hard-to-find qualifications, the new caregiver should be just what the family needs.

Consider References

Performing a background check and verifying references is a critical step in the hiring process, but parents should consider the content of those references as well. Has the sitter cared for similar families in the past, and were his/her duties similar to those the parents require? If a babysitter has handled similar duties in the past, the transition will go smoothly for everyone.

Review Interview Questions

Parents should consider the answers to questions posed during the interview process. While some questions are fairly standard, every family has unique needs. For some families, transportation to after-school activities is important, and for others, homework help is more vital. Parents should use the answers to these questions to find the right candidate.

Evaluate Kids’ Struggles and Strengths

Because babysitters spend so much time with the kids, they should have some degree of teaching skills. If a parent knows their kids struggle with math, they should find a sitter who can offer tutoring services once or twice a week. By choosing a babysitter with the desired background, a parent can help his or her kids overcome their struggles and accentuate their strengths.

Run a Test

It’s important to observe how the babysitter interacts with the children, because it provides the parents with an idea of the sitter’s style, playfulness, teaching skills and discipline methods. The kids need to form a connection with the right candidate, and seeing the kids interact with the sitter can be a big help when making a decision.

Trust That Parental Instinct

There may be a candidate with a perfect resume, great references and the right answers for every interview questions, but something may seem a bit off. It’s vital for parents to trust their instincts when hiring a babysitter, as the person will have access to the most important parts of the family.